Union Mutual Partners with Flo by Moen for Innovative Loss Control Program

Water-related damage is a leading cause of loss for property owners, and Union Mutual is here to help give peace of mind – and stay dry – with Flo by Moen.

What is Flo by Moen?
An industry-leading leak detection and water monitoring smart device installed on the home’s main water line and connected to a smart phone app. The device continuously monitors the home’s water usage and can detect changes in usage that could result in a catastrophic water event. In the event of irregular water usage patterns, the device can automatically shut off the home’s water to limit costly damage.

See how the Flo by Moen app and device work together to stop water damage at the source

Why Should Your Insured Invest in a Flo by Moen Device?

  • With the average homeowner investing more in their homes during quarantine AND becoming more interested in smart home technology, now is the perfect time to protect that investment from costly water damage claims stemming from broken water lines and washing machine hoses, running toilets, etc.
  • Union Mutual’s partnership provides a bundled discount on the cost of the device and installation, saving thousands in damage from even the smallest detectable leaks.
  • Water damage claims, in terms of loss dollars, are second only to fires as a leading cause of loss for Union Mutual and our independent agents. The average water claim cost over $10,000 in 2020!
  • Installation of the device will qualify for Union Mutual’s Smart Home Device Deductible Waiver!

Contact your local independent agent to request a quote with us or to take advantage of the Smart Home Device Deductible Waiver today!


*Update as of 9/1/2021: Moen has ended the Flo by Moen program, but the device remains available at retail stores nationwide and qualifies for our Smart Home Device Deductible Credit.