A Foundation Built on Relationships

Michael NoblesFor over 140 years the Union Mutual of Vermont Companies have provided high quality insurance products throughout New England and New York. As mutual insurance companies, each of our partner companies began as friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors. The strength of these initial relationships has grown over generations and we now represent four local companies, Union Mutual Fire Insurance (1874), New England Guaranty (1898), Community Mutual (1854) and Eastern Mutual (1856), insuring policyholders through over 500 local independent agencies.

The key to our success has been the relationships developed with our agency partners and these connections are stronger than ever. During 2014 our customer base grew to an all-time high of 130,000 insureds; generating a record $158 million of premium and $220 million of assets. With a corresponding all-time high surplus of over $90 million, our customers’ confidence in our financial security is undeniable. More than 90% of our customers choose to have the Union Mutual of Vermont Companies serve their insurance needs year after year, a testament to the competitive solutions we provide.

To all of our existing customers, thank you for your business and your confidence in our Companies.

We hope you appreciate and value the difference in having your insurance needs provided by one of our mutual insurance companies working alongside your local independent agent. If you are not yet a customer but are considering becoming one, ask one of your friends or neighbors for a recommendation. Chances are they, or someone they know, are one of our customers.

Having again been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Vermont,” the Union Mutual of Vermont Companies’ success would not be possible without the efforts of our 110 employees. Our family of employees currently represents more than a dozen states and a handful of countries. With an average length of service of nearly fifteen years, and with several employees celebrating their 40th anniversary with our companies, the special relationship we have formed with each other and our independent agents is truly second to none.

We thank our agents and employees for the years of strong relationships. It is these relationships that provide the foundation for the Union Mutual of Vermont Companies to meet your insurance needs.

Michael W. Nobles
President & Chief Executive Officer