Charitable Giving

Union Mutual Charitable Giving Program

Union Mutual is committed to giving back to our local, New England and New York communities by supporting non-profit organizations. We are committed to meeting our corporate and social responsibilities by providing donations to worthy causes through the Union Mutual Charitable Giving Fund.

The Fund provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations that support our agents, our employees, and our business partners charitable causes within the communities in which we do business. The Fund is designed to benefit organizations that work to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

Applications for donation consideration must be submitted through the Fund’s grant application process. The submission must include a completed Union Mutual Charitable Giving Fund Application and proof of 501(c)(3) status. All applications will be reviewed and approved on a quarterly basis by the Fund’s Executive Committee, based on this schedule:

Submission Deadline                     Review Meeting

February 15                                        March

May 15                                                  June

August 15                                            September

November 15                                      December


For an application, please click here.


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