Agent Spotlight: Kelly Becker, Svendsen Insurance Agency


Kelly Becker, Vice President & Co-Owner

Svendsen Insurance Agency, Woodbridge, Connecticut

Union Mutual Marketing Representative Jennifer Hanus recently sat down with Kelly Becker to talk about the path that has led her to become the new Vice President & Co-Owner of Svendsen Insurance Agency.

In 2013, Kelly started her career path in insurance when she applied for a position with the Svendsen Insurance Agency. Having just moved to Connecticut from Kansas, she was new to both New England and the insurance world. Agency owner Jon Svendsen mentored Kelly for the next six years. When asked about her relationship with Jon, she commented, “Not only has he been a mentor, teacher and friend—I consider him family.”

In 2019, Kelly moved to Denver, Colorado when Dan took a new position. Jon knew Kelly was an irreplaceable asset, and most importantly, the dynamic between Jon and Kelly just worked. After two years in Colorado and some persuasion on Jon’s part, Kelly moved back to accept her new role within the agency.

Kelly acquired a B.A. of Fine Arts in Spanish Languages at Emporia State University, in Emporia, Kansas, and a Master of Arts in Spanish Civilization at Wichita State University, in Wichita, Kansas. Kelly resides with her very special other half Dan and her 14-year-old niece Alexis, whom she has recently taken guardianship of. In her free time, she likes to travel, play golf, and renovate her older home.

Jennifer asked Kelly the following questions as she settles into her new role:

Why Insurance? “I’m in this industry because people are my passion. I enjoy helping people protect their homes, family and businesses.”

Where do you see the industry in the future? “The insurance industry needs to adapt to the new generations technology expectations. Agents need to invest in faster & quicker technology to meet the needs of their clients.”

What one piece of advice would you give to anyone new coming into insurance? “Ask questions, be tenacious, rise to the task and make it your goal to become a trusted and confident insurance advisor.”

Congratulations Kelly!

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