Agent Spotlight: Rich Rawson, Rawson & Sons Insurance Group


Rich Rawson, Owner

Rawson & Sons Insurance Group, Worcester, Massachusetts

The latest Agency Spotlight shines on agency owner Rich Rawson of Rawson & Sons Insurance Group. Rich began his career as a producer on the carrier side at Liberty Mutual before joining an independent agency. In June of 2017 he opened his own agency, and with a legacy for his twin sons in mind, named it Rawson & Sons Insurance Group. The agency focuses on home, auto and commercial products, and through the fall of 2021, Rawson & Sons has helped over 2,500 first-time homebuyers obtain their first home insurance policy.

“My vision for the company is to not only save people money on insurance, but also to make the process simple,” Rawson said.

The Rawson & Sons team of seven employees has worked diligently to grow the agency, and didn’t miss a beat when transitioning to remote work in March of 2020.

“We’ve put together a team of experienced professionals who all share the core values of Rawson & Sons Insurance: grit, positive attitude & energy, passion, optimism, pursuit of excellence, teamwork, communication, good work ethic, and are connected and committed,” Rawson said.

What are you interested in when not at work? I try and spend as much time possible with my twin boys who will be 8 this coming March.  Whether it’s Muay Thai, hiking, T-ball, soccer, basketball, ice skating or just messing around in the yard, I treasure every moment with them.  When I do have time to myself, I enjoy my Peloton, lifting weights, reading, my journal and meditating.

What are you thankful for as we enter the holiday season? That I have a happy, healthy wife of 12 years and happy, healthy twin boys (7).

My team!

Kerrin – She has been with me from Day 1, literally my right-hand in the day-day operations.  She built our customer service department and oversees the daily operations while helping me with placing new business.  Not enough time in the day to truly list everything she helps me with!

Liz – My wife!  Thankfully she has taken over the tasks that are not my strong point but are SO crucial – bookkeeping, benefits, vendor relations etc.  She’s put a lot of great processes in place that has really saved us so much time and money.

Trish – She’s been promoted recently to Business Development Manager and is our second-longest tenured team member.  She’s currently on maternity leave enjoying her 2nd child!

Jennifer – She doubles as our Documentation Manager but also very valuable to our service team.  From getting our applications sent and signed, to helping issue policies, to handling the phones she is such a key member of the team.

Tina – She has made a HUGE impact in our customer service department as she came to us with a ton of experience and jumped right in to become such a huge help on a daily basis.  Can’t say enough about her value in regards to customer service.

David – He’s our newest team member but it feels like he’s been with us for years.   Such a huge help and a great attitude to go along with it.  He’s learned so much in such a short time and has impressed us all.

Our referral partners:  We are so lucky to have partnered with such great people who trust us to provide the best service and prices to their customers.  Not only do we work well with them on a professional level, but we enjoy a close personal relationship with many of them as well.

Our customers: We will continue to do our very best for them on a daily basis.  Thankful every day for those who trust us to help them with their insurance needs.

Free time with my family:  Tough to find the work/life balance but I make sure that I spend as much time with my family as possible.  We’ve created so many great memories and I look forward to creating even more.


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