Agent Spotlight: Richard Soo Hoo Insurance Agency

Richard Soo Hoo


Richard Soo Hoo Insurance Agency, Boston, MA


Richard Soo Hoo has been in the insurance industry for over 46 years. Beginning with Travelers as a commercial line’s underwriter, then to an insurance brokerage house for 13 years and in 1992 opened The Richard Soo Hoo Insurance Agency.

The Richard Soo Hoo Insurance agency is a lot like the Whole Food Supermarkets.


Our growth is organic and our employees are all homegrown.


Insurance is not a foreign language, it is complex and fluent.


We have been fortunate to hire individuals with no insurance skills outside of ability to learn and to relish an appetite for change.


The most important lesson in this training is that we never know it all.


It is intellectually challenging. As an industry where we are dealing with really sophisticated issues at times, anywhere from technology modernization to risk evaluation and from loss prevention to claim mitigation.


Like Wholefoods, there are many products on the shelves and not one product fits all.


I applaud all who work in this industry whether for an insurance company or for an agency.


The ability to understand the needs of the insureds to the process of internal and external rules and procedures, without this understanding the wheels do not turn.


Welcome to our Industry where every day is a challenge!


Let’s work as a team, Company and Agency and Insured!


Thank You to our clients!


For those we haven’t met, Let us Welcome You!

Why should people consider a career in insurance? Insurance is great for independent, analytical, and amiable individuals who welcome challenges and not afraid to make decisions and be persistent to resolve issues.

What is the most important leadership lesson you have learned and how is it valuable to you today? There are many ways to lead depending on the situation but strength in leadership is knowing how to make use of the resources available to you, direct, demonstrate, delegate, and feedback.

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