You call New England home…

…We do, too.

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From varied geography to long standing history, New England means many things to many people. As New Englanders, we believe our home is a special place, where four distinct seasons combine with one-of-a-kind natural features and a population of diverse cultures to produce a unique experience that can only be described as New England.

Union Mutual got its start in 1874 in Montpelier, Vermont, where we have remained for over 140 years providing excellent personal service to our policyholders and agents. We now provide insurance in every New England state, and have full-time marketing representatives who reside and work in every state except Rhode Island. In handling claims we rely on our own employees or independent adjusters who are familiar with the climate, culture, agents, and service providers where the claim occurred. We believe this approach provides the best in insurance products and services to our policyholders.
Buying insurance is not all about price. Working with an agent, you want to determine whether the company insuring your risks is “a good fit”. Does it share your values? Does it have a track record of performance? Do its products meet your needs? Only then should you consider the price and then decide accordingly.
In providing “Service Second to None” we strive to always treat our agents and policyholders as neighbors, because they truly are.