Employee Spotlight: Jason Fielder, IT Solutions Administrator

Jason Fielder

IT Solutions Administrator

What do you like to do outside of the office – volunteering, hobbies, etc.

Hobbies outside the office, I have a way too many, I could spend hours mowing and taking care of my property based on the weather. I can’t stay still so I spend a lot of time at the ice rink in the winter, playing hockey and broomball up to three times a week. I coach high school hockey and for other organizations over the past few years, the VT Shamrocks being one.

In the summer months if the weather is decent, I spend a lot of time mountain biking and hiking with my friends and family. As some people may know I like to ride my motorcycles (yes, I have two of these). This includes rides back and forth to work, weekend cruises to places like Groton and to the abandoned Radar Base in East Haven, VT. I also occasionally get in some weekly riding with a more adventurous group of friends.

A couple of my passions are hunting and fishing and I seem to spend hours in the winter ice fishing and in the summer on my boats (yes, I have two of those as well.) It doesn’t matter if I catch anything, as most of the fish go back, I just enjoy being on the water. I have been fortunate to go on some extended trips out of state for Turkey, Whitetail, Mule deer and Elk. I could spend weeks wandering around the woods and mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado and Ohio, give me a destination and I will enjoy it. If I had to narrow it down, turkey hunting and lake trout fishing are my favorites.

What do you think of when you think of Union Mutual?

Union Mutual will always hold a special place since having come aboard in May of 2010. The company has been welcoming, supportive, professional, and downright caring for its employees. I feel Union Mutual genuinely wants their employees to be happy in their well-being and in life.

What are some ways IT professionals are making a difference in the insurance industry?

My biggest take for IT professionals in the industry in the last three to four years is the IT automation and ease of use of technology for employees.

These range from scheduled tasks that were manual to automated tasks\jobs at a bigger scale. Things like logging and error checking, leveraging vendors and resources to do the simple things like monitoring for unhealthy systems to as complex as an attacker or hacker. Our work environment has changed so much, and we have 100’s of remote offices now for every single one employee working from home. IT professionals are on the leading edge of technology in our industry this has allowed for safer working environments including onsite, hybrid, and remote work force.