Merriam Agency Brings Clean Water to Matogou, Haiti

“Matogou’s natural water source is currently contaminated.  Over 20,000 people, many of them children, live on a garbage pile and walk up to a mile or more to get dirty water.” –

One of the many perks of earning Diamond Partner status with Union Mutual is a large donation to a charitable organization of the agency’s choice. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Union Mutual made the commitment to double that benefit for Diamond Partners, and Brian Merriam of The Merriam Insurance Agency in Schenectady, NY opted to support the Schenectady Rotary’s Haiti Water Project, a cause very near and dear to him and the greater Schenectady area.

“Coronavirus is causing tremendous difficulties in that third-world country of 11.5 million people,” he said. “A small part of the moneys helped to pay for the purchase of buckets, spigots, soap and chlorine for use as hand-washing stations in the poor community of Matogou, with the balance going toward the planned installation of a new water well in that same neighborhood.  It is nice to know that the labors of my staff bring premium and profit to Union Mutual that, in turn, results in giveback to causes and concerns of your Diamond Partners, such as these worthwhile projects.”

Merriam has been traveling to Haiti for over 20 years, participating in numerous projects similar to this one in partnership with the Rotary. Union Mutual is proud to support these causes, and thanks Brian Merriam for sharing this project with us.

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