Fire Safety – Prevent, Plan & Practice

One of the most devastating perils Union Mutual insures property owners and renters for is fire. A fire can result in traumatic damage, both to physical property and human psyche. Damage can result not only from flame, but from heat, smoke and fire suppressants such as water and chemicals, which can be complicated and costly to repair or rebuild. There are several safety measures we all can take to help prevent fires from starting – but there are things we all can do ahead of time so if tragedy strikes, we are prepared with plan:

A few tips:

  • Place smoke alarms in every sleeping room and outside every sleeping area.  Ideally, they should be hardwired and interconnected so when one sounds, they all sound.
  • Replace batteries every year.  Do it on the same day every year so you remember – we recommend Daylight Saving Time when you adjust your clocks.
  • Replace smoke detectors at least every 10 years.  Most do not know that they expire.
  • Form a plan to get out and practice with your family – especially if there are children in the home.  Waking to a smoke-filled home is not the time to decide what to do.
  • Plan for more than one way out, even if that means using a fire ladder deployed from a second story window.
  • Keep fire extinguishers within easy reach in the kitchen, garage, and master bedroom.  Know how to use them.


The NFPA provides free fire safety resources which can be located on the Nation Fire Prevention Association’s website: