#InsuranceCareersMonth 2023 – Introducing Insurance as a Career

February is #InsuranceCareersMonth – what better time to celebrate a rewarding, challenging, innovative and multi-faceted career choice than by making sure it continues by introducing it early to the next generation of insurance professionals?

There are so many oft-repeated reasons why longtime insurance professionals remain in the industry: personal gratification for helping people protect their belongings and in their time of need; challenging work environment that allows for personal and professional growth; relationship-building with coworkers, networking with peers, and nurturing a trustworthy relationship with policyholders; leading-edge technology advancements; and so much more.

But how do we retain the current generation, attract the next generation – and honor the invaluable contributions the retiring generation has made – to such a vital industry?

  • Applying for Scholarships: Remove (part) of the financial barrier to higher learning. The Big I, the preeminent independent agent and broker resource nationwide, alongside many state insurance associations, offers scholarships through the Invest program. Learn more & apply here:
  • Attracting diverse candidates: The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s Talent Hub provides resources for job-seekers and job-posters alike who are looking for internships and permanent positions.
  • Encouraging a Culture of Mentorship: Whether formal or informal, seek out the institutional knowledge of the veteran employees within your insurance company – agency, carrier, brokerage, reinsurance firm, etc. Your best insurance career resource could be in the next desk over.
  • Providing a real-world internship experience: Don’t just have your intern make coffee, copies and complete busywork. Involve them in projects – even and especially the big important ones! – and be sure you ask them what they want to get out of their time with your company. Expose them to all levels of the company/agency, and stay in touch – they may be your next great hire, and you’ve already trained them in company culture and made connections throughout the organization.

Check out all the rewarding and varied open positions at Union Mutual:


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