Fireworks Don’t Play

Summer celebrations often include the sounds and colors of fireworks – but it’s best to leave the shows to the experts. Foolhardy Marty learned this the hard way – let his foolishness be a lesson for you. Fireworks can cause all kinds of devastating injuries, including burns, hearing loss, and even death. Enjoy from a safe distance and keep those pets inside to avoid a stressful event for them.

Celebrate safely and respect the power of fireworks in all forms. Often sparklers are given to children – did you know a sparkler can burn at a temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit? That is SIX TIMES hotter than boiling water! Some safer alternatives (that are still festive and fun!) include silly string, noise makers, crafts, glow sticks and strings of lights.

Click here for more information on fireworks safety from the National Fire Protection Association.