May is National Electrical Safety Month – Electric Mobility

Even in an increasingly wireless world, we need to pay attention to the power – pun intended – generated by batteries, especially when it comes to the risk of fires. Just because a device is cordless, it doesn’t mean risk-less. In fact, now that batteries can be charged on the fly, we need to be vigilant about their use, storage and disposal.

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and the ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) has some great resources for dos and don’ts of charging electric vehicles, solar panels, e-bikes and scooters, and much more.

Here are some quick tips from

  • Have a qualified electrician assess your home as you prepare to install charging equipment, including ensuring adequate space for the charger and that your home has the capacity for the device
  • Properly store cables and cover the charging station to avoid damage from weather
  • Visually inspect cords before use for damage and discoloration, and never use an extension cord or power strip
  • Never walk or climb on a solar panel
  • Remember that panels can still generate power even if the panel is disconnected from the building
  • Never charge a laptop, cell phone, etc. on a flammable item like a bed, couch, etc.
  • Install AFCI breakers and outlets to protect arch faults which could result in fires

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