National Electrical Safety Month

May is National Electrical Safety Month – providing an annual reminder of the importance of using a qualified electrician, respecting the literal power of electricity, and ensuring your property’s electrical systems are up to current code.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2022, the theme for the month is “Energy Resilience,” and the rapidly evolving trends in electricity such as electric cars, solar panels, and the use of electric storage units. Click here for the full message from the NFPA.

Electrical Safety can and does encompass a wide variety of topics – installation, maintenance, and repair of electric systems; lightning safety; swimming and boating safety; fire-related hazards; driving safety in terms of coming upon downed wires in the roadway; and more. The NFPA has a wealth of resources, including the two videos below.



Never Overload a Power Strip

Use Qualified Professionals


Do you know the difference between amps and volts? Do you overload your power strips? Check out this short video to catch up on the do’s and don’t’s of electricity:


With temperatures rising, so many of us are ready to hit the water to swim, boat, and generally cool off with our friends and family. It’s important to take a moment to check the area for hazards – whether in the back yard or at the lake – to ensure a safe experience for all. Watch this short video to learn more before you jump in the water next: